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Fans Upset Over Little Caesar Arena Roof Mascot Choice

(Source: Detroit Free Press)
(Source: Detroit Free Press)

The roofing industry might generate an estimated $46 billion a year, but right now a roof is not generating a lot of love in Detriot.

Recently the Little Caesars Arena has earned the ire of many Detroit fans for their decision to have the world’s largest Little Caesars logo on top. This counters their original design, which had a large, glowing Detriot Red Wings logo.

“(What) happened to the Red Wing logo that was supposed to be up there?? This is disappointing,” one Red Wings fan wrote.

Aerial photographs show a giant Little Caesar’s logo, the pizza chain’s iconic pizza man, being painted on the roof of the $862 million arena. The photos show that the mascot is not yet finished and was posted on the Detriot Red Wing’s official Twitter.

The Twitter post attached stated that it will be over 243 feet once finished, making it “largest Little Caesar in the world.”

Another fan expressed disgust in the decision, stating: “I think it’s sad to see that logo on the roof. You have so much history with a team like the Red Wings, so much history was at the Joe, freaking Motown, and not to mention there’s only ONE Hockeytown. And that’s what graces the roof of the Red Wings new building…”

However, despite the reaction of the fans, the early concept of the art that had the red roof and Wing’s logo dated to a time before the name of the arena was officially changed to “Little Caesars Arena” in spring of 2016. In other words, those idea renders predate the decision that the Detroit Pistons would also be playing in the facility.

The most recent renderings of the arena’s roof have shown the Little Caesar’s mascot as part of their designs, so it is following a decision made by the owners.

According to the Detroit Free Press, The Ilitch Family’s Olympia Development department, the owner, and builders of the arena did not answer any questions about the roof, nor did they return any messages Tuesday seeking comment on the decision.

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