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What Do Spina Bifida Patient Advocates Have to Say?

What is a Spina Bifida advocate? Medical advocates watch out for the best interests of their patients, especially when it seems like others might not be listening, but they also provide inspiration. The Youtube video “Meet Brendan Downes: 180 Medical Patient Advocate” describes what the job entails, so let’s find out more.

The video shows a man named Brendan Downes, who is both a medical patient advocate and a person living with spina bifida. He has the unique ability to work closely with his patients and knows first-hand about their situations.

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Downes’ job is to work and meet the patients to let them know that their life is not over. He also educates the staff about handling people carefully and respectfully. He gives them his insights into this situation so they can understand everything and do a better job.

Unfortunately, medical issues can be terrible experiences both for patients and their families, but part of Downes’ responsibility is to offer support and hope to these people. He provides motivation because he has gone through the same issues as many patients. Sometimes, all you need is someone who can truly sympathize.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about spina bifida advocates and contact us if you think you might need one.

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