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Sonoma County Locals Champion Solar Energy Usage

Reducing the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere is an essential part of battling climate change. Each person and organization must do this in their own way. The video consists of a news report about a Sonoma County fire department that has made its own moves toward green energy.

The solar Sonoma County fire department has constructed its own mobile generators that are powered by the sun. The prime mover of these backup generators is a lithium battery.

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The firefighters have put together the device themselves. They may have been forced to this action by budgetary constraints or lack of the actual device they need to meet their requirements. Either way, the device seems to work.

This green backup generator can be used when the normal electric-powered generator goes out. They switched to a solar alternative because they realized that using a fossil-fuel-powered source would not help alleviate the larger problem they are faced with: fires caused by climate change. They decided it was time for a change, and they took the initiative on their own. While there will still be some kinks to work out, the firefighters seem confident that they have a robust and reliable system. Now you know how Sonoma County is going green.


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