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What Are Ceramic Cuplock Anchors?

Have you ever wondered how your boiler contains the heat it produces? The video provides some insight into this matter.

Refractory is a key part of boiler design. Its function is to keep the heat off surfaces. However, refractory must be kept in place through the contraction and expansion process, and its integrity must be preserved if it is to function long-term. These things can only happen if the refractory is anchored in place.

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Ceramic cuplock anchors are used for this job.

Ceramic cuplock anchors are one of the many types of attachments used for keeping lining in high-temperature processes in place. Cuplocks are made of a mixture of moldable ceramic materials that help seal the inner core of the refractory. They are usually used on refractory materials that have 4 inches or more of thickness.

Some of the benefits of using ceramic cuplock anchors include their high strength, consistency in shape, clean surfaces, and resistance to high heat. It is important to know about this essential part of boiler design so that you can verify that your refractory has been properly sealed and anchored if it ever needs to be repaired or replaced. Now you know all about ceramic cuplock anchors.


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