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Unique and Exiting Vacation Lodging

Holiday in a windmill

The average American only receives ten days of vacation time each year. This means that Americans spend more of their lives working than citizens of any other developed nation. Thus, it is puzzling how other countries think of Americans as lazy and self interested, despite the fact that they commit so much of themselves to their work. When Americans are able to string enough free time together in order to enjoy a week or more of vacation, they consider that time almost sacred. Thus, it is usually spent in ways that allow American vacationers to experience whatever it may be that is most valuable to them. That might mean more family time, a road trip, visiting family and friends who living out of state, traveling to a foreign county, or a holiday in a yurt. For those who prefer to spend their vacations overseas, and are looking for exciting and unique lodging accommodations, there are a variety of ideas that they might consider, including a holiday in a yurt.

Among the many non traditional lodging are a holiday in a yurt, triads, old castles, and even converted train cars. Furthermore, there are green lodging options, and even something called glamping. of course, for those who prefer more traditional lodging options, there are romantic villas in France, villas in spain, and a villa in galicia that seems as if they are straight out of a Hemingway novel. But it often is unique vacations, such as a holiday in a yurt, holiday in a tipi, or vacation in an ecolodge are hot right now among many vacationers. And considering the fact that the major airports of Portugal served 3.2 million travelers in July of 2011, clearly many vacationers are seeking all types of accommodations.

Although a holiday in a yurt or tipi are common among hippie types, ecolodges are also gaining in popularity among the unofficial hippie demographic. As such, certain travelers have clearly expressed interest in getting back to more rustic and green lodging. At one time to vacation in a cottage meant basically living with the bare necessities of life; however, cottage are now more akin to luxury villas than cottages that housed serfs during medieval times. Thus, lodging owners have heeded the call of hippie or green types, and now offer a wide variety of unique, exciting, and environmentally friendly opportunities to experience a holiday in a yurt, tipi or ecolodge.

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