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What Makes Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate So Special

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The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to many things, including the National Football League’s Carolina Panthers and the National Basketball Association’s Charlotte Bobcats. The city additionally serves as the headquarters for NASCAR’s US operations and houses the NASCAR Hall of Fame. So you could say that the city is known for its sports.

What this city also is known for is its temperate yet humid climate, which is very similar to other cities and states around the Southeast. There are four separate seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, and residents enjoy these seasons and the mild cooler temperatures that arrive in colder months. The weather is mild here, making for an excellent place to live.

This brings up the third thing that the city is best known for, which is its real estate. Charlotte North Carolina real estate is and has been for years very in demand, simply because of the aforementioned qualities that make living here so great and because of a range of other factors as well, including strong yet fair prices for Charlotte nc homes for sale and Charlotte real estate in general, including on the commercial end of things. Also, nearby Lake Norman homes have been popular for quite some time, with lakeside living accompanying access to one of the South’s top cities.

What makes Lake Norman real estate and Charlotte North Carolina real estate so great is the prices for these lovely homes. In Charlotte, the median sales price for a home is $190,000, which is higher by about $27,000 or 19 percent on a year on year basis. And even though inventory is less than it was last year, demand is getting stronger for this smaller supply of available houses, so more people who are relocating to Charlotte NC are fighting to get into these homes.

As an advantage to these people relocating, real estate professionals have their hands in every piece of Charlotte North Carolina real estate imaginable. At least they know where these properties are and can show them to interested parties, which makes for a much more pleasant experience in searching for excellent Charlotte North Carolina real estate. These real estate pros know every detail of these properties and can help show people the way toward their new and best of all affordable homes, giving interested buyers more chances than ever to get into their own heavenly slices of Charlotte North Carolina real estate.
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