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Plumb It Yourself


The word “plumbing” stems from the Latin, plumbum, which translates to “lead.” Plumbing got the name it has because pipes used to be made of lead. Plumbing is not an easy trade to master, but there are plenty of DIY plumbers tips going around which can help you on your way. In combination with plumbing safety tips, and electrician tips and tricks, these home plumbing tips can transform you into an in house renaissance repair man.

Nearly half of American energy is coal generated. This is expected to change within the next 50 years, with the rise of renewable energy sources like wind, solar, water, and geothermal. Now, the plumbers tips I am about to offer will not aid you in installing a geothermal energy source, but it should make household repairs a little easier.

The most commonly given of all the DIY plumbing tips is to know where your pipes are. Seems like common sense, right? You would not believe how many people I have seen try to blindly hammer nails and drive screws, not knowing where there pipes are until they puncture them. Whoops. Buy a stud sensor that can also detect pipes.

The very first air conditioning system was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. He was looking for a way to resolve humidity affecting the inks at a printing company. Little did he know, by 1980, the United States would be using more air conditioners than the entire world combined, even though the country only makes up 5 percent of the total population.

The next of my plumbers tips is that you turn off bathroom and other vents when your AC is on. You will be blowing out and wasting so much conditioned air if they are left on too long.

My next plumbers tips pertain to the other side of the coin. Heat. The most commonly used method of distributing heat requires a process of fossil fuel combustion in a furnace or boiler. Forced air ductwork, water circulating through pipes, or steam fed water then distributes the heat throughout the home.

I have heard plenty of plumbers tips which suggest that you just use geothermal energy, because it is better for the environment, and you can get tax breaks for using clean energy.

Of all the plumbers tips, the most important one I can give to you is please be responsible with your energy consumption.

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