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Want a Better Vet Website?

My wife needed to find a good marketing solutions company for her vet website. She knew most vets got their business through word of mouth, a recommendation here and there, some buzz combined with strong customer service, that kind of thing, but we were new in the area and she had just opened up her own practice. So, I helped her look, and we found an online marketing company.

The Internet marketing route worked for her, just like I thought it would. And if it worked for us, then perhaps Internet marketing might work for you. Consider some of these facts.

Firstly, more than half (57 percent) of businesses have acquired a new customer through their company blog. Secondly, for every email sent through an email marketing campaign, 40 dollars flow in.

We found a great, freelance web designer who helped us with our marketing needs because it affected our search engine rankings and visibility in a very positive way. We wanted that number one spot, though, so we found an online marketing company and pursued our goal.

The quality veterinary web design that our freelancer gave us also helped us with brand identification, according to the marketing solutions company, which was great. Hiring a web designer allowed my wife to focus on the core of her business, because she did not have to worry about maintaining and upgrading the website.

We are very grateful to our freelancer, and hire him regularly to help with improvements to the web site. We also would recommend hiring an online marketing solutions company as well. Have any of you had similar experiences with vet websites? Do any of you have veterinary marketing tips? Please comment and share!

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