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Find the Best Daycare At Your Place Of Work

Employer sponsored childcare

Worrying about how to find a daycare is not something you want your employees to be worrying about while they should be focused on work, is it? Day care providers can be expensive and many parents are drained on a daily basis because finding a daycare is difficult and pricey.

Government statistics have revealed that 23 percent of working parents are forced to pay for “multiple arrangements” when trying to find a good daycare. Plenty of working parents have a number of children at various ages, so multiple daycares are required, and therefore so are multiple daycare payments.

Nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 in the U.S. are in some sort of day care facility every week. It does make the lives of everyone much easier when companies offer childcare in the workplace. Not only does the stress of how to find a daycare virtually go away, but an employer who offers corporate childcare is making an investment for the company and the future of America.

Providing onsite daycare answers your employees question of how to find a daycare, but it has also proven to improve performance in the workplace. Providing this service results in higher retention, increased levels of productivity and reduced cases of absenteeism. When the children of an employee can be nearby and taken care of by people they know and trust, work is completed at a much higher quality and quantity.

Two year olds are more active than they will be at any other point in their life, both physically and mentally. This is the time of development that requires the most fostering to ensure a bright future. Easing the worries of your employees as they pertain to how to find a daycare can double as investing in a brighter America tomorrow.

By employing corporate childcare, not only have you resolved how to find a daycare for hundreds of struggling parents, but you are making sure that the leaders of the future receive the proper nurturing to become the best they can be.

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