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Picture a Fun Wedding Reception

Event photo booth

Rental photo booths have become extremely popular for a variety of events, including weddings, school dances and activity nights, reunions, corporate parties, and birthday parties. It’s no wonder in our photo obsessed society. Since George Eastman first developed roll film for Kodak, spurring the invention of small, inexpensive cameras for the average family in the late 1890s, America has gone photo crazy. After the invention of the first digital camera, boasting only 1.4 megapixels, we saw the integration of phones into our cameras leading to today’s frenzied photographic capture of everything from our food to scenery to selfies. Today, we snap as many photos every two minutes as the entirety of humanity did in the entire 19th century. The patent for the first photo booth was filed in 1888 by William Pop and Edward Poole of Baltimore, and is proving useful 125 years later.

Rental photo booths are a great way to entertain guests and provide mementos, making them an ideal inclusion for any special event. Not convinced? Here are a few bonuses about special event and wedding photo booths:

1. Most photo booth companies don’t send along a photographer, as the machine itself is able to do all the picture taking. Without a photographer, it’s easier for guests to let loose and have a little fun, making for better pictures and a great time!
2. When you rent a photo booth for weddings, the printouts come with customized logos noting your names and wedding date, helping guests remember what a great time they had with you!
3. Rental photo booths provide you and your guests with a copy of their pictures, meaning that they get to take home a great favor they’ll actually want to hold on to!
4. When you rent a photo booth, you give guests a way to have fun without being on the dance floor. The ones who aren’t so confident in their dancing shoes will thank you for it.
5. Rental photo booths come with boxes full of silly hats, costumes, and props, helping everyone to get a little silly and have a lot of fun.
6. Many companies that provide rental photo booths have an option to have all your guests’ prints placed in a scrapbook, providing a guestbook that’s much more interesting than signatures and well wishes.
7. Photos are usually saved on a flash drive that you get to keep, as well as posted to an online gallery for you and your guests to visit and enjoy.
8. Rental photo booths are fun for the whole family. From kids to grandmas, everyone has some fun.
9. Pictures of your guests having fun say a lot more than a guestbook telling you how lovely your ceremony was. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the thousand words you get from each photo booth picture are a lot more fun than the ten or so you get from bored guests in a guestbook.
10. It’s fun! Rental photo booths ensure that your guests won’t leave your party early and that they will have a night to remember.

In a photo crazy world, it’s great to provide guests with a fun way to commemorate the night. Rental photo booths give you and your guests great mementos and keep the party moving, even when things are a little dull on the dance floor.

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