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Network Hacking Methods Are Always Evolving Can Your Network Security System Keep up?

Next generation enterprise network

IT organizations need a dynamic approach to defending their network. Network intrustions are all too common. In 2011, through computer intrusions and network breaches, there were over 42 thousand incidents in the United States involving data loss or theft. In that same year, an international hacker broke into the computer files of the South Carolina Department of Revenue, obtaining access to about 3.6 million tax returns. These network security intrusions can take almost an entire year for an organization to rebuild their reputation and make up for the loss.

Data sourced from the US Government Accountability Office reveals that recently, cases of security breaches rose from 13,017 in 2010, to 15,560 in 2011. So, how can you improve your network security and avoid these intrusions? Some of the best network security solutions are network intrusion detection system (IDS) and network intrusion protection systems (IPS). IPS and IDS, are pretty much the same, both are next generation firewall systems that are used to detect and prevent security breaches for enterprise networks. These intrusion detection systems provide awareness and automation to bring visibility and context while constantly adapting to new threats, new vulnerabilities, and everyday network changes.

If your enterprise requires a secure network, investing in a network intrusion detection system is crucial to your network security. Doing so will ensure security in the current and the future development and architectural evolution of telecommunication and access networks. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to secure your network with anti-malware security (malware and spyware protection for enterprises). Spyware and malware are malicious types of software installed on computers, and collects information about users without their knowledge. Products such FireAMP provides the visibility and control you need to stop threats missed by other security layers. FireAMP is an intelligent, enterprise-class advanced malware analysis and protection solution that uses large data to discover, understand and block advanced malware outbreaks, advanced persistent threats (scripts that attempt to find flaws in security networks) and targeted attacks such as hackers.

Protecting the network of your enterprise is crucial to the success of the organization. Experiencing a breach or intrusion to your network can result in the loss of important data, substantially stunt production, and even ruin the reputation of your enterprise. Invest in network intrusion detection systems and keep your network, reputation, and data secure!

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