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How to Get Rapid STD Testing

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Did you know there are many different facilities where you can get rapid STD testing? This rapid STD testing is one service that many urgent care facilities can provide. These facilities, in addition to these anonymous rapid STD testing services, also provide many other medical services.

These urgent care centers represent one of the fastest growing parts of the healthcare system in the United States. These facilities provide services to patients who are not critical enough for an emergency room visit. About 110 million emergency room visits are made each year. According to a CDC study, nearly half, 48 percent, of adult ER patients who where not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, said they came to the emergency room because their regular doctors office was closed.

In a 2010 study by the Rand Corporation, statistics show that nearly one in five visits to ERs could have been treated at urgent care centers, with a potential savings of about $4.4 billion each year in healthcare costs.

An estimated three million patients visit urgent care facilities each week, often for services such as rapid STD testing or other similar services. These facilities provide services after hours when a patients regular doctor may not be available. These urgent care centers can treat sprains, lacerations, fractures, and concussions. These facilities also treat gastrointestinal conditions and upper respiratory illnesses.

In addition to these immediate care services, these facilities can provide routine check ups, vaccinations and immunizations, along with that rapid STD testing. This provides a very convenient way to receive medical attention. Additionally, a visit to one of these urgent care centers is usually much less costly than a visit to an ER. An average visit to an emergency room can cost about $1,500; while a visit to one of these urgent care centers will cost around $150.

So, whether you are looking for rapid STD testing, or you have injured yourself while working out, you can find assistance at one of these healthcare centers. Knowing the location of your nearest care center is also a good idea. You will have the peace of mind of know that you can get fast medical attention, rapid STD testing, or other necessary services.
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