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Recipes with Hummus

Hummus recipes

Recipes with hummus come in a variety of different forms. Hummus itself is a very adaptable spread that can be flavored and transformed into several different spreads and dishes. Easy hummus recipes can be found all over the internet to help you to make full use of this delicious and nutritious food.

What is hummus? Hummus is a Mediterranean spread made from chickpeas, sesame paste, and tahini. Often, it is used as a side or spread with other Mediterranean dishes, like felafel or gyros. However, you can use it with basically anything, giving you a diverse array of recipes with hummus to try. A basic hummus spread has plenty of flavor all by itself, but you can add whatever spices that you enjoy to it to create a more flavorful addition to sandwiches and other foods. Hummus is easy to make on your own, so it does not take too much time to experiment with it to see what you like the most. If you are strapped for time, you can buy a basic commercially made hummus to try different recipes with. Most companies that make hummus also make several different flavors of hummus, so you can try those before you try creating your own.

Aside from its versatility, hummus is also a very nutritious spread, providing several different kinds of essential nutrients while avoiding some of the health concerns of other spreads. Hummus nutrition and what will be in hummus and how many calories it will have will depend on the brand of hummus you buy or how you make it on your own. Recipes with hummus can help you to find out how much of what is in what kind of hummus and how you can make hummus with fewer unhealthy substances. There are many easily available recipes with hummus available, so you can start to experiment with it immediately. More like this article:

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