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Use a SEO Proposal Example to Gain New Clients

Seo proposal example

If you are a SEO reseller, you know that you need to create proposals to present to your clients. SEO proposal software and SEO proposal examples can assist you with this task. An SEO proposal will allow you to present all of the benefits of your SEO services.

SEO provides solutions for optimizing search engine optimization, as well as Internet marketing services. Through SEO proposal examples, you can show your potential clients how your services will reduce the amount of work they will have to do to achieve higher page rankings.

As part of a SEO proposal example, you will need to include case studies, statistics, and reference materials. You will need to include the fact that nearly 80 percent of Internet search users will not use non organic or paid listings. Additionally, you will need to present information supporting the fact that search is still the prime driver of web traffic to content sites, with about 40 percent of all traffic starting in search. And you can also present other interesting facts in your SEO proposal example that will interest your customers. For instance, the first search tool on the Internet was “Archie”. This stands for “archive” with the “V”, and was developed by students at McGill University in Montreal in 1990.

By using tools such as SEO proposal sample software, you can quickly compile important information in to one SEO proposal example. You will be presenting information about the actual process, as well as the timeframe in which this process will be done. Keyword usage and visibility, and traffic reports and analytics should also be included in a SEO proposal example.

You can also outline the importance of social media and email campaigns within the SEO process. Local SEO efforts and the processes of attaining success through localization will also be included in your reports.

Your SEO company should provide you tools to create SEO proposal examples that are customized and branded. This will let you resell their services under your own business brand to create a better business relationship with your clients. SEO proposal examples are a very important tool that you must use to make your reseller business successful.

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