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Successful SEO Marketing Strategies

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Getting your company’s website noticed among the millions of others that show up on a search engine is no easy task. Depending the product, service, or information you sell on your site, there may be tons of others that offer pretty much the same exact thing. A large number of people do their shopping online, proved by ecommerce sales surpassing $200 million in 2011 alone. With so many consumers heading online to research and buy products, you have to find a way to market your website.

A great way to market is using search engine optimization (SEO). The fact is that a lot of people open a search engine first to find out about a product, more so than visiting a site directly. For this reason, it is not surprising that the search engine industry’s worth is estimated at about $16 million U.S. dollars. Once a search engine produces results, about 75 percent of users click on sites that are only on the first search engine results page (SERP). If your company does not show up in the top 10 results, your site may not ever be seen by users. Having your site reach the first page of a SERP means that search engines like Google, have deemed your website as high quality, and important to users.

This is where SEO can help. SEO aims at increasing your search engine rankings using organic methods that do not require paid advertisements. Once you have a high search engine ranking, your site has a higher chance of receiving traffic and quality backlinks. SEO accomplishes this by studying keyword trends that users type into search engines. They analyze what words are used the most to find out about a particular product or topic, and then add these words to your site, or other sites on the web, with backlinks to your site. Since 70 percent of users only click on organic links, these keywords are woven into high quality content that utilizes these keywords. This increases the chances that users will click on them, and be led to your website. The more users click on backlinks to your site, the more traffic your generate. This, in turn, will increase your search engine ranking.

In addition to quality back linking, you can resell social media marketing to an SEO company. Millions of people worldwide have social media accounts, and reaching out to them in this way is a solid marketing strategy. If you resell social media, the SEO company will manage your account on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users often consult social media to make decisions on buying products, or to get feedback from friends. As people “like” your page, or follow you on Twitter, their activity will show up on their friends’ news feeds, and possibly attract more customers. With a greater social media presence, your site will also garner more traffic.

The importance of SEO also lies in the world of quick, easy internet access. People are using their tablets, smartphones and mobile devices to connect now, more than ever. This does mean that brick and mortar stores are facing tougher times, but it should also give you an impetus to keep up with the internet age. SEO can do this for you. If you resell social media, and other SEO marketing strategies to an SEO company, you do not have to worry about the marketing aspect of your company at all. Instead, you can focus on giving your consumers the best products the internet has to offer, and let the SEO company take care of the rest.

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