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Three Awesome Things to Do With Leftover Guacamole

Spicy guacamole

Whether you’re a big fan of classic guacamole recipes or spicy guacamole dip recipes, you can appease the palates and appetites of any guacamole connoisseur with tons of recipes with guacamole that you can make. After all, you can’t just leave leftover, fresh guacamole dips in your fridge. They might go bad!

So to help you chow down on whatever guacamole is left, here’s some of the best recipes using guacamole!

Veggie Wraps.

A veggie wrap is a great way to put leftover guacamole to use. All you need are some of your favorite veggies, like onions, peppers, lettuce, tomato, or cucumbers, guacamole, and some wraps. Just spread the guac over the wrap, throw in the vegetables, wrap it up, and scarf it down!

Loaded Baked Potato.

Have you ever thought to swap out the sour cream on a baked potato with guacamole? No? Well, try it out! It’s a much healthier alternative, and a much more delicious substitute. Plus, it goes well with all of the other accoutrements–bacon, cheddar, and chives!

Pasta Sauce.

America is a melting pot of cultures, after all, so why not mix up an Italian classic with the delicious Mexican dip? Take your leftover guacamole and combine it with some olive oil, and season it with salt. It’s good served hot or cold on pasta.

Now, you don’t have to follow these recipes using guacamole to the letter. Improvise! Get creative with these recipes using guacamole. Anything that has the delicious avocado dip can’t go wrong. If you have any other recipes using guacamole, feel free to share in the comments! More can be found here.

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