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Two Ski Resorts Seek Damages From U-M Fraternities and Sororities Who Vandalized Rooms

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Two Michigan ski resorts are considering legal actions after six fraternities and sororities from a nearby college allegedly vandalized dozens of rooms.

The members of University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi fraternities as well as Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Phi and Delta Gamma sororities are accused of causing extensive damage at Treetops Resort and Boyne Highlands two weeks ago.

The Treetops Resort claims that over 120 students from the University of Michigan sororities and fraternities caused damage to at least 45 rooms, breaking furniture, windows and ceiling tiles before being escorted off the property by State Police.

The Boyne Highlands reports that a similar number of students damaged 12 individual condo units, leaving broken furniture, damaged upholstery and carpeting, and holes in the drywall.

The combined damages from both resorts currently total almost $125,000, and that number is expected to climb as more repair and replacement quotes come in. Considering it costs $15,630 on average to furnish a living room alone, it’s no surprise that the combined damages for dozens of rooms is so high.

Spokesperson for Boyne Highlands Erin Ernst said the resort intends to hold the students responsible for the damages as well as the loss of revenue from the units being repaired. According to Ernst, the resort has filed a report with the Michigan State Police, who are currently conducting a criminal investigation.

Ernst also said that the resort is considering legal action, though at least one fraternity has apologized directly and agreed to cover the cost of the damages. Treetops Resort manager Barry Owens intends to press charges as well.

Until then, each of the fraternities and sororities has been suspended by their national offices and by the University of Michigan. In a statement, the university said that the suspension will give the university time to determine sanctions for the individuals and organizations involved in the vandalism.

The Central Student Government posted an open letter of apology on its website following the incident, affirming its commitment to holding the Greek organizations responsible.

“We, as leaders and Greeks at the University of Michigan, do not tolerate these kinds of acts, nor do we let such behavior fall under the radar,” the letter says. “We intend to handle this situation with the utmost efficiency and we will ensure that those responsible for the damage to the properties will be held accountable throughout this process.”

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