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Husband and Wife Duo Work to Restore Detroit’s Properties

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Generating an estimated $47 billion in revenue annually, it’s safe to say the home remodeling industry in the United States has made a strong post-Recession comeback, even in Detroit. After years of being stuck in a rut, the metro-Detroit housing market bloomed this spring — and is set to become even hotter this summer — thanks to lenient lenders, low down payment initiatives and newly restored properties.

In particular, one husband and wife team is helping to make homes and businesses throughout the Detroit metro area look and feel beautiful again. Andrea and Sal Lupo are combining their years of experience to design, build, and add the perfect finishing touches on commercial and residential properties to help reinvigorate the area.

Located in the northern outskirts of Detroit in Rochester Hills, Lupo Interiors, LLC was founded by Andrea, who graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a concentration in Interior Design. In 2013, she began offering full time services. Similarly, Sal founded Lupo Custom Painting, LLC which is also located in Rochester Hills. Sal began honing his craft in the remodeling industry at a young age and opened his first business 18 years ago.

In true power-couple style, Andrea and Sal combine their expertise in their respective fields to deliver a cohesive finished product. Andrea provides custom interior designs for both commercial and residential clients, from small single-room projects to sprawling 6,000 square foot homes to corporate buildings. She makes it a point to involve herself in the process at every step of the way. Serving as the team’s muscle, Sal specializes in framing, drywall, carpet installation, and interior and exterior painting for both commercial and residential clients.

Working both individually and together, the couple has seen an increase in business and are anticipating even more as Detroit continues to experience city-wide revitalization. Homeowners and business owners are spending more to renovate all or parts of their properties as a renewed sense of pride sweeps the Motor City.

Over time, Detroit and its residents have earned a reputation for continually being resilient in the face of adversity, a sentiment highlighted by the efforts of Andrea and Sal to breathe life back into the city’s properties.

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