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Two Michigan Cities on Fattest Cities in America List

WalletHub, a survey company, has named two Michigan metro areas, Detroit and Wyoming, in its 100 Fattest Cities in America List of 2016.

About one-third of all Michigan adults are classified as being obese.

Pam Kelle, a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, said in an interview with Public News Service, that she believes surveys like this can indicate a behavioral and societal change, but there can still be harm done to individuals who are struggling with their weight and are actively fighting a weight problem.

“How can we educate and teach people about healthy living and the risk of obesity without making people feel judged,” Kelle said.

The survey includes percentages of inactivity, amounts of fruits and vegetables consumed, the “healthy environment” rank, and overall weight. It didn’t necessarily look at the amount of junk food and other unhealthy meals consumed, like the near 350 slices of pizza being consumed each second around the globe.

Lack of physical activity, in particular, contribute to the region’s high instance of obesity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that about 25% of all adults in Michigan engage in no physical activity.

“Small steps lead to healthier choices,” Kelle said. “Try to talk within the family unit about making small changes overall, and it might be meal by meal.”

Diet changes could be necessary in improving overall weight levels. Increasing the number of “whole foods” a person consumes — such as healthy alternatives like yogurt, guacamole, and hummus — and eating in moderation can greatly improve your diet.

Michigan as a whole ranked 17th among the 50 states in obesity in 2014, but that’s a 13 rank drop from fourth place in 1995.

Other noticeable factors on the 2016 Fattest Cities in America list: Honolulu, HI, came in at number 100 with a total score of 46.1; Orlando, FL, ranked the worst in the “healthy environment” category; and Memphis, TN, topped the list with a total score of 76.9.

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