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Happier Camper Showroom Brings Vintage Flair To Detroit

Summer is finally here, which means many families will soon be roughing it in backyard tents and rustic cabins. After all, camping is a 15 billion dollar industry. But for those who are looking to enjoy the country in a whole new (or old) way, the Happier Camper showroom in historic Corktown can provide amenities with both vintage charm and modern luxury.

Happier Camper expanded to the Detroit area after being featured on Start Up, a TV show that highlights small, thriving businesses. Although they aren’t officially open for business yet, their showroom is already getting a lot of attention.

Their retro-inspired campers have all the allure of those original vintage campers, but inside, they’re full of contemporary comfort. They’re part Volkswagen bus, part modular living space; the interior can convert into a full kitchen or sleeping area for five in a matter of minutes. They even come with a solar panel for more sustainable gadget recharging. So even though you’re in the wilderness, you don’t have to completely let go of your tech.

Since they’re so adorable and are totally tricked-out, these campers come with a hefty price tag. Base packages start at $18,950, but custom orders go up from there. But they’re so lightweight that they can be towed around on a Kia, and they come in a variety of California-inspired colors. For those who love 1950s flair and don’t mind spending a little, they might be a good solution. And if nothing else, you can still visit their showroom or pop-up events.

In some cases, these retro reproduction campers are cheaper than the bonafide articles. Genuine vintage campers can go for a few thousand dollars up to $30,000, depending on the type and condition. Some ambitious and creative individuals make a habit out of remodeling vintage units for the glamping experience, but for a ready-made twist on outdoorsy kitsch, others find that these nostalgic new models are the way to go.

These options aren’t going to be right for every family, especially if you’re looking to camp on a budget. But at least they’re awfully fun to look at. Planning on making a visit to the Happier Camper showroom? Drop them a line first or look for them in Eastern Market, the Woodward Dream Cruise, or during the Corktown Strut.

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