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Detroit’s Weird Homes Tour Returns to Awe Attendees

Detroit isn’t especially known for its cookie cutter domiciles. With countless historic homes just waiting to be rehabbed, it’s no wonder that people tend to look to the Motor City for more unique properties. With about 32% of people looking to buy homes being first time homebuyers, there is always a demand for houses that need a little more attention. So it’s only fitting that, this August, the wildly popular Weird Homes Tour will return to the city to offer attendees an eyeful.

The one-day, self-guided tour will cover “10 of the most eccentric, funky, extraordinary, off-the-path, magical, and yes, ‘weird’ homes that Detroit has to offer,” according to the organization’s website. Although patent protection is strongly utilized across 12 industries to protect unique inventions, these homes are sure to stand out without worry of imitation.

Not sure what to expect from this year’s tour? Consider the properties featured in the inaugural event, which included some truly one-of-a-kind houses. An artist/car designer showed off his loft filled with classic vehicles and mod egg chairs (likely made using the reaction injection molding process, where two liquid components are mixed and molded before curing), while another house — known as Detroit Abloom — was turned into an ethereal flower farm. There was even a three-story home made out of shipping containers, which represents only a small portion of the 17 million shipping containers in circulation on a global scale. There was also an over-the-top midcentury property, a cinder block home with neon-colored walls, and an unassuming property filled with colorful furniture, disco balls, and wacky clothing creations.

While organizers set a goal of selling 500 tickets last year, the tour proved more popular than even they anticipated. Roughly 900 tickets were sold during the first year, though organizers stress they want to keep the numbers manageable for the homeowners participating. This year’s list of homes has not yet been finalized; in fact, organizers are still accepting submissions. Organizers want a wide range of homes, though they’d prefer to keep most close to the city to ensure attendees don’t have to drive too far away.

On August 24 from 10 am to 5 pm, attendees can visit the homes in any order they choose. Regular tickets are $30, but there’s a $45 VIP option that grants attendees access to a secret house, free admission for kids under 13, and branded merchandise. Organizers have stated that 10% of ticket sales this year will benefit Southwest Solutions, a local non-profit focused on finding housing solutions that are both affordable and sustainable.

Detroit isn’t the only city welcoming a Weird Homes Tour. Portland, Austin, Houston, and New Orleans have also held these events, with organizers noting that larger cities like San Francisco aren’t far behind. If you’re looking for a unique way to get to know your city and appreciate what kinds of eccentric designs exist in Detroit, you might want to get your tickets and start exploring.

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