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What to do Before a FUE Transplant

A FUE transplant is a follicular unit extraction. This treatment is a form of hair transplant that many people use around the world. Just like any procedure, there are some important things you should do before an FUE transplant. Let’s take a look at how to prepare.

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The first thing that you should know is that you should not cut your hair before the procedure. The doctor who is performing the transplant will do it for you. The doctor will most likely want to take before and after photos. If you cut your hair you will take this opportunity away from them.

Drinking alcohol is another thing that you should stop before you get the FUE transplant. Alcohol could mix poorly with the other medication that you will have to take. Talk with the doctor about how long you should be off the alcohol before you go in for the procedure.

Finally, you must have breakfast on the morning of the surgery. You will be on antibiotics and it is good to have a full stomach.

All in all, a FUE transplant can be a great option for people who are losing hair. If you are interested in this procedure, remember these facts.


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