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Whats New in Minecrafts 1.19 Update?

Minecraft is known all around the world for its ability to jumpstart the creativity of gamers young and old, and is constantly coming up with new updates to improve player experience in-game. 2022 has brought about the announcement of the 1.19 update to the game, causing gamers across the world to rejoice.

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The 1.19 update is charted to be one of the biggest updates to the Minecraft world in history, and several new elements are soon to become canon parts of the universe. In this video, we will take a look at some of the new features that Minecraft’s version 1.19 will add to the game.

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First of all, a brand-new biome is being introduced into the game called the Mangrove Swamp. This biome looks beautiful with swinging trees and greenery. Wood from the mangrove swamp has a gorgeous red color, but you cannot take any mangrove saplings. The Ancient City is also being introduced, allowing you to craft a new Recovery Compass, allowing you to find the last place you died and recover your items. Fireflies and frogs are also being introduced in this update! Get ready for some great changes, Minecraft gamers!


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