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Is Expensive Grain Free Dog Food Better?

When looking for the best nutrition for a pet, one might think expensive food is best. However, that is not necessarily true. Although made with superior ingredients, expensive pet food may be just as good as other less expensive products. In this video, the host explains to dog owners what to look out for when getting the best dog food.

Just because grain free dog food is expensive does not mean it is better for the dog. How does one know the best food possible for their dog? First, they should look for the AFFCO stamp.

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This stamp informs customers that the product has met high safety and quality standards. If a food product has this stamp, it indicates that the food is safe for a dog to consume.

The dog owner should also consider their dog’s overall health and fitness level. Some dogs are more active than others and may require specific types of food. Also, the food given to a healthy, active dog may differ from that of a dog with health problems. Nevertheless, one should talk to a veterinarian to know the right food for their dog, whether grain free dog food or another kind. They will provide the best recommendation based on the dog’s lifestyle.


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