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How to Stay Safe When Using Extension Cords

Extension cords need to be handled with care. Mary, the woman presenting the training, explains this in more detail.

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Mary says that because electricity is so standard in our everyday life, we forget it is potent and potentially deadly.

She states that improper use and ignoring safe practices when using extension cords and, therefore, electricity can result in damages, fires, or even death from electrocution. She explains that just 120 volts of electricity from a faulty lamp can kill someone if the current crosses the chest.

She gives examples of how to inspect extension cords for damage or cracking that can allow the current to get past the protective covering. She also talks about prohibited uses, such as never attaching extension cords to each other or storing them properly instead of leaving them dangling where they are a trip hazard. Plus, keeping them outside damages the cords from weather conditions or rodents.

She tells viewers by following these tips with extension cords, they can avoid injuries or fires and becoming one of the thousands of extension cords and electricity emergency room visits every year.


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