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15 Safe Outdoor Activities During Quarantine

safe outdoor activities

The coronavirus pandemic has hit every country in the world and has now affected almost every single aspect of our lives for the past couple of months. Being a deadly, highly contagious new virus, and a sheer nightmare to deal with while sick, the virus has each of us on our toes and taking more precautions than usual. Besides washing hands often, wearing masks while going out, and staying at least 6 feet away from one another, we have also heard experts warn of staying indoors and not traveling unless for essential activities.

Though it might seem like staying indoors is easy, it’s far from it, and has caused masses of people to feel an increase in depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The inability to spend sufficient time outdoors has serious effects on our mood, not to mention our ability to maintain a healthy weight through the use of exercise. In fact, spending just 20 minutes outdoors daily can help make you feel happier. With the virus now at an all-time high, is there any way to do safe outdoor activities with less worry? Absolutely!


Though doing safe outdoor activities can help provide you with emotional and physical relief, it’s important to note that being outside during this pandemic is exposing you, nonetheless, to the possibility of getting and spreading the coronavirus. When looking for safe outdoor activities to engage in, it’s important to not let your guard down, no matter how “safe” you may feel. Wearing your mask, carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer, and ensuring you’re taking all proper precautions to social distance from others is important. In addition, staying home when you feel ill, and have symptoms of the virus can also greatly help in spreading the virus. These symptoms include a dry cough, fever, trouble breathing, and even diarrhea.

Check Local Mandates

safe outdoor activities
safe outdoor activities

As we mentioned, being outside and doing outdoor activities still exposes you to the possibility of being exposed to the virus. Because of this, many cities and counties have implemented different protocols you must follow when outside. For instance, some cities will not only ask you nicely to wear your mask, but also fine you anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars if seen without one in public. Others will allow you to be on beaches and in parks only if moving around and exercising, and not just lounging. In addition, due to ongoing riots during the pandemic, other cities might be implementing curfews to keep you from being outside past a certain time. It’s important when looking for safe outdoor activities to keep these restrictions in mind and plan accordingly. If you’re looking on ideas for safe outdoor activities, look no further than this list of 15 safe outdoor activities you can do now during the pandemic. Get inspired to get out there, and check your local press releases for updated information on outdoor restrictions.

1. Outdoor Farmer’s Market

Farmers markets are a great way to safely shop outdoors during the pandemic. Shopping at markets indoors exposes you to a high volume of people, recycled air, and long lines. Farmer’s markets provide fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, and other products such as honey, and so much more. Check your local city’s farmer’s market schedule, and plan a shopping trip today!

2. Take a Drive

If you’re unsure about spending time around people, but still want to be outside, taking a drive is a great option to get outside while still keeping a safe area around you. Drive to the nearest beach, or down that highway, you always daydream in. Used cars are still available even now, as dealerships have remained open. Consider getting a car with a sunroof to enjoy the most of your outdoor drives.

3. Go Fishing

Safe outdoor activities can be incredibly relaxing, and fishing is no exception. Boat rentals can allow you to rent out a small boat for the day and take it on the lake for fishing. The great thing about being in your own boat is that you’re almost guaranteed to be six feet away from anyone else on the water. Be aware that different states require different requirements for fishing, such as a license, so keep this in mind while making your fishing plans and reservations.

4. Go Kayaking

As we mentioned earlier, some states have deemed exercise as part of the safe outdoor activities that can be done with less restrictions. As such, kayaking rentals are still available, and you can have a blast on the water while also toning your arms and legs. Not too shabby!

5. Renovate your Backyard

Safe Outdoor Activities don’t just have to be done outside the home. Consider setting up someĀ new wood fencing, planting some new flower beds, or even growing new veggies in your backyard. Not only is gardening a relaxing past-time, it also helps, in some cases, to increase the resale value of your home. Take time during the pandemic to start renovating your backyard, and seeing just how beautiful it can become.

safe outdoor activities

6. Renovate your Garage

Renovating your garage can be a great way to get into a new hobby, carpentry, or simply just pass the time with a new hobby. Garage door companies are still open for business, as are other contractors, and can offer services while wearing proper masks and social distancing. Consider giving your garage a makeover in order to make the most of it as a work space, and even as a relaxation zone.

7. Go for a Boat Ride

Not one for fishing all day in still water? Not a problem! Boat rentals are still available, and renting a speed boat can give you a thrill and help take you out of the quarantine gloom. You will still need a proper boating license, and also should not drive a boat while intoxicated. If you do, consider getting the help of a boating accident lawyer in the event of an accident to keep you from ruining your summer.

8. Biking

The above-mentioned boating can be exciting when out on the water. But what if you don’t know the basics of driving a boat? Navigating? Tying knots and mooring? Ground fault protection for boats? Is there any other activity that can give you the thrill of speed while remaining on the list of safe outdoor activities? Absolutely! Biking is a great way to get outside, exercise, and even get an adrenaline rush of speed when using a good-quality bike. Remember to still wear a mask when around others, practice rules of the road, and bike the summer away.

9. Jogging

Lace up and go out for a good old-fashioned jog if you’re not one for biking. Jogging is so simple, easily done, and anyone can participate in it now during the shutdown! Jogging is one of the best safe outdoor activities to keep you active and healthy during the quarantine. Like in biking, wear a mask when outside, and consider going for a speed-walk and working your way up to a jog.

10. Camping

Though some camping centers around you might be closed, more and more natural parks are now starting to open up with proper social distancing measures in place. Take your old RV out of RV storage, put the family in, and get away on a mini-camping trip to your local park or even down to the beach near a bonfire. Ensure you have your RV tuned up, have RV roadside assistance if need be, and make the most of these isolating times by isolating in nature for a relaxing mini-getaway.

11. Hiking

Like with all other safe outdoor activities, hiking is regulated differently by state, cities and counties. However, for the most part, hiking is now a doable outdoor activity so long as you keep a good distance away from other parties you encounter during your hike. As well as staying away from other hiking groups, it is also recommended you hike in no more than of parties of 10, and in some places even as little as 2 people. In any case, make the most of your hiking experience and bring adequate food, water, sanitizer, masks, and keep in mind the allergy season among us.

12. Golfing

This time we have off work is a great way to pick up new outdoor skills. Why not learn to play golf? Golf has long been seen as a way to relax, network, and meet other players while enjoying the beauty of man-made landscapes and mother nature. Though it’s not a good idea to play closely with other golfers, you can still go to a golf course and shoot holes yourself, perfect your stance, and refine your techniques. Buy your own golfing gear, gloves, and dress adequately for the weather. Sanitize any shared items such as golf carts. There is currently no statewide ban on golf courses during the pandemic, but this can quickly change, so be sure to check on your city’s website for updates.

safe outdoor activities

13. Surfing

Beaches are teeming with city-goers looking to get away from the summer heat, but unfortunately, this has had negative consequences. Spikes in numbers of COVID-19 cases have resulted from people lingering on the beach and being in close contact while not wearing masks. For this reason, most cities have now banned non-exercise activities such as grilling, sun-bathing, and lounging on the beaches. However, solo exercise sports such as kayaking, running, and even surfing are considered safe outdoor activities that can be done with no restrictions so long as you are properly socially distancing! If you live for the waves, don’t be afraid to continue surfing and riding those summer waves. Again, check with your local county or city for the most up-to-date information on spending time at the beach.

14. Yoga

In popular cities such as Long Beach, California, outdoor yoga classes are still in session, with people spacing their yoga mats six feet apart and ensuring maximum social distancing. In these anxious times, yoga and meditation can prove incredibly beneficial, relaxing, and therapeutic to calm the anxious mind. Yoga is still considered an exercise, but gatherings of large groups of people might pose an issue. Even if you are not able to join a yoga group in your city, take your yoga mat outside and do some exercises on your front or back yard.

15. Outdoor Photography

Taking a walk is a safe outdoor activity you can be sure to enjoy even during the pandemic. During your walk, why not take a camera along and take pictures of the scenery? Enjoy what theĀ landscapers did to the new home on the neighborhood? Love the way the trees frame your street? Doing photography can help you feel more grounded and mindful, reducing anxiety, while at the same time producing beautiful artwork that you can even turn into a source of income. Use your phone, an old Kodak camera, a Polaroid, whatever you have on hand, and get out there and start taking pictures!

Remaining Positive

safe outdoor activities

Constant reminders of the coronavirus are everywhere, and it can be difficult to get your mind right and focused while trying to remain positive. It’s important to remain careful, mindful, and hopeful about the future, and continue to make efforts to go outside as much as possible. When you order a large package of medicine for the entire planned treatment period at once, you can get a discount, a coupon code for the next order, or use the services of the postal service for free. Even short amounts of exercise and time outside can greatly reduce the stress that the pandemic has caused. Continue to monitor for updates via your city’s website, and know that with the proper precautions, masks, hand-washing, and social distancing, safe outdoor activities can be fun and less risky. Be creative, make an effort, and continue to make the most of your quarantine situation during the pandemic. Remember, this too shall pass.

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