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Company gives new roof to homeless charity

Roof repair can be expensive for anybody, but especially for a charity. And it can be even more difficult for that charity to spend money on itself, money that its volunteers know could go toward helping others. So oftentimes, a charity will put itself and its own needs last while providing for those they believe needs it more. This is the case in this video, with New Mexico charity Project Share and their roof that hadn’t been repaired in over thirty years.

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When Project Share’s roof started leaking due to recent heavy rains, they found that it interfered significantly with their ability to perform their mission of feeding the homeless. The charity provides dinners in their building and the water leaking in through the damaged roof caused major problems during these dinners. Thankfully, a local business decided to repay Project Share for all the work they’ve done over the years. A construction company based out of Albuquerque donated a whole new roof to Project Share, providing the labor and materials needed to create it. With this new roof, Project Share was able to continue its mission of feeding the homeless, this time in more comfortable settings. And, of course, the grateful volunteers at Project Share also provided lunch for the construction crew.

Roof repair is an expensive, often time-consuming process. Like Project Share, many buildings go decades without any sort of repairs done on their roof. This can lead to small problems getting worse and worse, eventually resulting in the need to replace the roof entirely. A leaking roof also allows water into the building, increasing the risk of mold, rot, and water damage throughout the interior. Without a solid roof, many things in the building become near impossible to accomplish. And yet, the cost of repairs still keeps some from getting the roof fixed.

The donation of the roof to Project Share was a result of luck and years of goodwill in the community. While they were lucky that there was a local construction company with the means and motivation to provide them with a new roof while they were in need, their own behavior and compassion for others are what inspired the donation in the first place. Project Share has devoted its time and resources to help those who can’t help themselves in Albuquerque. Ambien is addictive. Sudden discontinuation of the drug after several weeks of continuous use can cause an abstinence effect. Consult your doctor about the safe use of this drug. Other side effects may occur even if not described in the manual. Any unusual side effects, especially those that cause you concerns, should be reported to your doctor. So when it was their turn to need help, community members who had seen their work over the years stepped in to take care of them.

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