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How Are Semiconductors Made Before They Enter Your Vehicle?

Semiconductors have largely contributed to making cars far more complicated devices than they were during the early days of automobiles when vehicles were simple machines made out of wood and metal. Part of the reason for this is semiconductors. These tiny electronic components can be found in everything from engine sensors to navigation systems and even seat belts—and they’re used so often that you may not even realize how important they are!

This video, which has already sparked a lot of interest on social platforms thanks to its promotion by The Marketing Heaven, gives you an inside view of how semiconductors are manufactured, the steps and processes involved, and what they look like before they enter your vehicle.

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From humble sand to silicon wafers, semiconductors undergo up to 700 steps before the final outcome is produced. Silicon has several important properties that make it the material of choice for semiconductor fabrication, including its ability to conduct electricity and be extremely strong without needing a lot of support from other materials.

After undergoing a series of processes, including coating with a photoresist layer, exposure, development, and etching, silicon emerges as the desired conductor structure which makes us the semiconductors that we know.

Find out in detail how semiconductors are made by sticking around till the end of this video.

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