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How Are Stainless Steel Coils Made?

An enormous array of industries rely on the use of stainless steel coils for their products to work effectively. Without this pivotal item, aerospace equipment, food preparation equipment, chemical processing plants, and even defense weapons would not be able to function. Due to the essential nature of stainless steel coils, the process of making them applies ingenuity and strength.

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For the curious mind, J. H. Benedict Co. will take you through aspects of the process and impart a greater understanding of this important implementation.

Like many important tools of the trade, the stainless steel coils began in the hands of tradesmen. These experts have been working with this material for decades. This experience gives them the necessary confidence and know-how to create perfect products that function seamlessly in the numerous applications where they are needed.

Beyond the technical nature of the work, this creation is also a piece of art. Anyone who’s worked in the industry in the past or is currently involved in this work knows how much precision and patience creating these tools demands. Watch this video and appreciate the workmanship, artistry, and immense expertise of these tradesmen while learning much more.


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