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Are Online Prescriptions Safe?

For the past three years, the medical industry has seen its fair share of monumental changes. With the rise of quarantine and COVID-19 precautions, patients have been forced to conduct zoom check-ups, phone consultations, and online appointments. While doctors are starting to open their doors for more physical visits in 2022, several patents around the globe are investing in this new 100%-digital medical landscape. Tons of people are getting an online consultation for prescription requests instead of in-person appointments. While this sounds like an incredible idea in theory, some are skeptical to how accurate and safe these prescriptions are.

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In this video, we will look at how one app has caused some concern over online prescriptions.

This Australian app offers prescriptions from a simple questionnaire alone, causing several doctors to be concerned with misdiagnosis and drug abuse. While no drugs that are categorized as addictive are on the app, it is still quite questionable to get a new prescription off of some baseline questions alone. Even though the app, assures that ach questionnaire goes to a licensed doctor before approval, doctors still recommend at least a phone consultation before accepting a new prescription into your lifestyle.


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